Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and Appeals Policy & Procedure


PVET Institute is committed to upholding a high standard of client satisfaction. If an issue arises, it is the responsibility of the RTO Manager to discuss and resolve all disputes with the client.

Each complaint and/or appeal is dealt with using the complaints and appeals procedure. This procedure consists of the following procedures to ensure appropriate resolution of conflicts that may arise. The procedure, developed by the management team of Peters Driving & Training, is designed to assist resolve conflict and dispute.

Collection of complaints and appeals allows management to record all disputes, documenting each case in detail. Each case is detailed in a way that allows management to view the complaints and appeal process. With such a system, it is clear to view how complaints/appeals are handled by parties involved and by PVET Institute management, and whether the system is efficient.

Gather details:

The complainant is asked to submit their complaint in writing via email to the RTO Manager. Additional information relating to the complaint/appeal is gathered from the individual making the complaint/appeal as required. Information is also gathered from other parties involved e.g. trainer. 


The RTO Manager explores issue; speaking with all parties involved and investigating how the complaint/appeal came about. All factors are considered, allowing the RTO Manager to make clear judgement on the conflict.


The RTO Manager is responsible for resolving all conflicts in a professional manner, satisfying all parties involved to the best of their ability. As client satisfaction is priority, the RTO Manager will attempt to resolve conflict to the satisfaction of the client.


Following resolution of the conflict, the RTO manager may choose to follow up resolved disputes to assure each party involved is satisfied. If an individual is not satisfied with the outcome of a dispute, the RTO Manager may review the incident and further investigation/action may be taken depending on the circumstances.