Why becoming a driving instructor might be your next career move?

If you are considering starting a new career you are probably looking for something with longevity, flexibility as well as a decent income.

Have you ever considered teaching people how to drive?

Working as a driving instructor is a great job for people who love to drive, own their own car and enjoy teaching others about this important life skill.

Pass on your driving experience!

Pass on your driving experience!

The main skill of a driving instructor is teaching students how to drive a car safely and follow the road rules. But you will also be responsible for inspiring confidence and calming nervous drivers.

It is a great role for those who have a calm, friendly attitude, enjoy meeting new people and have a passion for teaching.

Become a Driving Instructor!

Safety comes first as a driving instructor. So it’s important to have a clean driving record and a full driving licence.

You will also need to pass a driving test, medical check with your GP and working with children check.

Become a Driving Instructor!

It’s a growing industry!

Become Self-Employed

This is a stable career prospect. Being self-employed you can set your own hours and rates, so once you gain a solid customer base, can really increase your profits through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Be in charge of what, when and how often you work. As soon as you have completed your qualification, you can take control of your own work schedule and leave behind the days of having a boss forever.

Once you help your first learner pass their driving test, you will be filled with a sense of pride that will make you love the job even more.

Every day is different!

Get out from behind a desk and enjoy a career with real diversity.

Not only will you welcome people of all ages and from all walks of life into your car but also your new desk will be the passenger seat of your car!

Become a Driving Instructor!
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