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    Beat the Rising Cost of Living by Becoming a Driving Instructor

    NSW issues up to 100,000 learner licenses annually, presenting abundant opportunities to establish a career as a driving instructor.

    A fulfilling career as a driving instructor is similar to being a school teacher. One operates in a classroom environment, the other within a car. The essential aspect is that they are both educators. The course is designed to develop professional driver trainers with the skills and knowledge to teach learner drivers the necessary skills to become safe, low risk drivers.

    By Becoming a driving instructor, you can build your own small business by passing on your driving experience and helping young learners to grow and become low risk drivers.


    If you possess a TLI41216, TLI41218, or TLI41221 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics, you could qualify for the advanced course at PVET Institute.

    Enrol to PVET Institute TLI41222

    Enroll in the TLI41222 Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training with PVET Institute and embark on a journey to become a driving school educator and owner.

    25 to 30 Hrs a Week at $70/Hr Can be a Profitable Career Option



    In NSW there are up to 100 000 learner licences issued every year. There is therefore ample opportunity to build a career as a driving instructor.


    Most people work their entire lives to build up other people’s businesses, working with no flexibility and knowing they could be made redundant at any time.


    PVET Institute can give you the ability to begin a new career path and guide you to establish your own driving school.


    If you have late model car, you are well on the way to have the opportunity to start your own driving school.


    Once driving instructors establish their own driving school and reach an average of 25 – 30Hrs of driving lessons a week, based on a rate of $70/hour, they are able to generate a high yearly turnover.


    *Disclaimer: the purpose of this document is to provide guidance. This has no legal status or effect, and information is subject to change.

    Operating Your Own Driving School For a Part Time or Full Time Career Will Relieve Financial Pressure

    Become a Driving Instructor How Much Will You Earn?

    Establishing your own driving school, you can operate on a part time basis at 10 hours a week, or as a career providing between 25-30 hours a week. The current average lesson fee is around $70 an hour, making driving instruction a very profitable career option.


    Advantages of Operating Your Own Driving School

    • Work flexible hours in your local area and meet new people
    • Opportunity to establish and run your own low risk driving school
    • Gain similar tax advantages to that of self employed people
    • Exciting new career education young people to become low risk drivers

    About PVET Institute

    About PVET

    PVET is a registered training organisation (RTO) that has been in operation since 2001, providing nationally recognised training and assessment regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

    • PVET has trained over 1600+ people to obtain their driving instructor licence.
    • For the past 15 years we have been involved in training new driving instructors for NRMA
    • For over 10 years we trained NSW Fire Brigade to obtain Certificate IV in heavy vehicle instructor qualifications
    • We have trained over 120 members of the NSW police force, some still serving and many of them in retirement.


    How Does PVET Institute Differ From Other Providers?

    In order to achieve our mission PVET Institute:

    • Provides courses tailored to individual needs for those seeking a change in career, work/life balance or need to update their current qualification.

    PVET institute conducts training and assessment on a one to one or small group basis with flexible training hours to suit each trainee’s work and family schedules. Along with being able to offer flexible modes of delivery, PVET institute has assembled a group of highly qualified, industry experienced trainers and assessors with the knowledge and skills to assist students in becoming a driving instructor and starting their own driving instructor business.


    RTO CODE: 90753