Access And Equity

PVET Institute is committed to providing quality training services to our students with the hope of broadening career and business opportunities. We are committed to the principles of equal opportunity and inclusive practices and processes for all staff and students. Peters Driving & Training strives to ensure that its training and assessment practices are inclusive, fair and relevant.

PVET Institute ensures that the participant recruitment and admission process is bias-free and non-discriminatory. The recruitment and admission processes are the same for all applicants. Admission to a course or program is based solely on the applicant meeting the published entry criteria. Prospective students are provided with adequate information to decide whether the course or program suits their needs.

PVET Institute ensures the curriculum is inclusive of a range of participant needs. Access and equity issues are considered when specifying the course entry requirements and prerequisites. Course material and learning documents avoid the use of non-inclusive and discriminatory language and examples. Language levels are consistent with the vocational level of the qualification.

The assessment process used by PVET Institute is fair, valid, reliable and consistent. Assessment provides for the recognition of previously acquired skills and knowledge (RPL). All participants are provided with adequate information on course assessment prior to enrolment. Participants have the right to appeal an assessment or recognition decision. All participants are given and equal opportunity to demonstrate competence. PVET Institute does note that it is bound by the Road and Maritime Services statutory requirements for prospective driving instructors, trainers are assessors.

Complaints and appeals are addressed in a fair and equitable manner. All grievances and appeals are promptly and thoroughly investigated in accordance with the Appeals Policy.

PVET Institute provides support to students with special needs. Reasonable adjustment is provided to those with a disability or special need according to individual circumstances. Learning support is facilitated for those with basic literacy, numeracy or language difficulties. Special consideration may be given if, through misadventure (such as illness, bereavement or personal trauma) a participant is prevented from completing an assessment or sitting an examination; or believes that their performance in an assessment has been affected by the incident.

PVET Institute is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and educational outcomes for all staff and students. We recognise that these achievements are dependent on the elimination of sexual harassment from the working and learning environment.