Interested in beginning a rewarding career teaching young people low risk driving skills?

Enrolment for Driving instructor course 

Throughout your training it will be our aim to provide a high-quality training experience where you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become, not only a successful driving instructor but also an educator.


Established 2001, PVET Institute has trained more than 1,600 new driving instructors, many of whom successfully run and operate their own business. Our organisation has operated 2 driving schools in the Sydney North Shore and Northern Beaches since 1989. We will be able to help with tips and guidance on how to run and operate your own successful business.

Whether you are looking to work for a driving school or start your own, PVET Institute will cater training to your individual needs!



Once you have obtained your eligibility letter from the RMS, you can follow the steps below to submit your enrolment:

To enrol in TLI41221 Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport Car Driving Instruction).


STEP 1 Complete the RMS Application Form to obtain your Eligibility Letter from NSW Road and Maritime Service and visit Service NSW.

STEP 2 Complete the PVET Institute Enrolment Form to start your Enrolment. 

STEP 3 Complete and submit the Recognition of Prior Learning Form  and / or Credit Transfer Application Form (if applicable).


Call or email us at any time to assist you with the process or for any further information.

Phone 02 9418 8953
Mobile 0412 208 208

Email info@pvetinstitute.nsw.edu.au

The following video briefly explains why certain questions are asked during the enrolment process.