Code of Conduct

All employees, contractors and subcontractors shall:

  • Observe and strictly comply with all laws relevant to the State and relevant authorities of operation.
  • Treat all individuals with respect regardless of their gender, pregnancy, race, nationality, ethnic or ethno-religious background, marital status, physical or intellectual or psychiatric disability, or any organism capable of causing disease, sexuality (male or female, actual or presumed), age.
  • Ensure that all business dealings, financial transactions and training services on behalf of the organisation are conducted with integrity in an honest, fair and reasonable manner.
  • Use the organisation’s funds and other resources responsibly and in the organisation’s best interest.
  • Not disclose or otherwise make available the organisation’s intellectual property or other proprietary information to any unauthorised parties. This includes intellectual property and other proprietary information belonging to other parties that may be in the care of and/or for the specific use of the organisation.
  • Not accept benefits, gifts or other inducements from third parties associated with business activities unless such benefits, gifts or other inducements are of a trivial, inexpensive or seasonal nature and do not influence the outcome of any dealing on behalf of the organisation. In any event, the employee, contractor or subcontractor shall advise his or her immediate superior of the receipt of all such items.
  • Not enter into any transaction or become engaged in any other situation, which may result in a conflict of interest with the organisation.
  • Maintain written records of all material dealings with external parties to provide adequate audit substantiation and demonstrate compliance with the organisation’s policies.
  • Be familiar with policies and procedures relevant to activities undertaken.
  • Not act in any manner, which may discredit the name and reputation of the organisation.
  • Not use the name, reputation or other resources to promote any business or non-business related activity without the approval of the RTO Manager.
  • Report to the RTO Manager or other appropriate authorities any breaches of this Code of Conduct or any other unlawful activities of which he or she may become aware.